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Brownstones calling

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11-07-2007 New York, New York

As of two weeks ago, my bid was accepted to buy a studio apartment in the heart of Park Slope. While the place in Flatbush would have been nice, all those who saw the neighborhood agreed I would probably be beaten to a pulp within a short time if I lived there. Bottom line, it might be a nice area in a few years, but it still has a long way to go. As the situation stands though, the place in Park Slope is big enough and it surely won’t lose value as time passes. I missed the neighborhood so much since leaving 12 years ago, it has some of the most incredible character. I remember Halloween as a child there, canvassing the brownstones to see which ones might give out the most candy. We would fly from building to building with our silly costumes collecting garbage bags full of candy. Afterwards, we would take over the streets and march down 7th Avenue during the parade. It was truly a magical experience. As we got older, the fun went from collecting candy to throwing eggs at cop cars and having huge shaving cream fights in front of 321 as the parade of kids passed by. There was still an incredible feeling of invincibility at that age. We were the kings and queens of the slope, and nobody from outside neighborhoods could touch us at that point in time. We drank on the stoops late into the night and took over the streets when everyone went to sleep. Brooklyn was a different place back then, or was it that we were just fourteen and felt we could get away with anything? My mother and I moved out shortly after that to a place that seemed like the suburbs compared to Brooklyn, Queens county. Living out there had its advantages, but I’d always longed to go back to the place I considered home.

09-11-2007   Astoria, NY

Good news from the apartment world, all of the contract are ready to sign! I can’t promise much of a housewarming party (as the 400 square feet might not hold 400 people), but you all have another place to call home. Thus begins another chapter in what was an unbelievably crazy 2007. With all of the new things that have happened in the past few months, Vic and I can both agree that 2008 is much anticipated. I will keep you all posted on the progress, but the Brooklynite in me is buzzing with excitement…