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Too Rah Loo Rah

Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2008 by wally426

22-10-2008  Brooklyn, NY

It’s a wonderful thing when you’re just about to be let go from your job. It creates an amazing opportunity for a chance to take the left fork in the road when you’re used to taking the right. The left represents that taken by Robert Frost so many years ago, the road less traveled by. Suddenly, the future seems more bright even though monetary gains and lucrative contracts become null and void. Your dreams suddenly become clear and distinct, goals that once seemed unreachable are now in front of your eyes, ready to be seized. Carpe Diem becomes a reality. Could it all be nonsense? Sure, but the tidal waves of doubt that once swept over your dreams are now tidy little waves on the sound of incomprehension. It is now 1977, the economy is in the tank, the blackout has arrived once again, a killer is on the loose, and if you should perish, so what? As long as you give it your best, all will be right in this world. Carpe diem, my friend, carpe diem!