New Baby on the Way…

Folks – For the two of you who still check this site, my apologies for not writing in awhile. I’ll be working on a new website which tells other people’s stories. This will be coupled with some photos as well. While it’ll be a more grandiose endeavor, it’ll be fun and informative. As soon as it’s up, the link will be supplied in the last Singapore Dreams post…

Here’s to where it all started, 2½ years ago…


2 Responses to “New Baby on the Way…”

  1. I’m glad there were 2 people checking this thing…I thought I was the only loser 🙂

  2. Make that 3 losers who check ! Wtf i see your dog more then I see u lol….give Zeusy a hug for me…but watch your fingers

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